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Reduce delivery costs, optimize routes, and empower your drivers. All while providing a stellar delivery experience to customers.

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Customer Portal

Connect with your customers

Delight your customers with real-time communication about their delivery. Get real-time feedback and build a lasting customer loyalty.

The transparency we give our customers at every step of the delivery process is phenomenal!
Katarzyna Kowalska
Katarzyna Kowalska
Supply Chain Director, OBI
Customer Portal: Connect with
your customers
Route Optimization

Optimize your delivery routes

Let our AI engine find the most efficient route. Reduce total delivery costs, CO2 emissions, and fuel consumption.

Ufleet is unbelievably effective! It takes just a single click to find the best routes for hundreds of tasks.
Ivan Yotsov
Ivan Yotsov
Head of Food Service Delivery, Metro Cash & Carry
Route Optimization: Optimize your 
delivery routes
Control Center

Plan and control your deliveries

Set delivery sequences. Track delivery status and customer feedback in real time so you can act accordingly when needed.

Having total operational visibility in one place is a game changer. I cannot imagine going back to the times when everything was running on different systems and spreadsheets!
Atanas Kolev
Atanas Kolev
Sales Director, Delita Trade
Control Center: Plan and control
your deliveries
Driver App

Manage your drivers

Streamline dispatch operations in one intuitive web dashboard. Empower drivers with a user friendly mobile app.

With the ufleet driver app we considerably improved our new driver onboarding process.
Radostin Gadzhev
Radostin Gadzhev
Commercial & Operations Director, Delita Trade
Driver App: Manage
your drivers

Understand your business

Track delivery analytics and statistical data. Make informed decisions about your strategy and operations.

Realtime data on delivery quality and customer satisfaction is instrumental in taking the right decision.
Hristo Yankov
Hristo Yankov
E-commerce Manager, Tmarket
Analytics: Understand
your business

Integrate with your tools

Connect your existing ecommerce infrastructure, CRM, or ERP. Explore our developer friendly API for more hands-on implementations.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics is so smooth that it feels like a single system.
Dimitar Bartov
Dimitar Bartov
CEO, Synergon
Integrations: Integrate with
your tools

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