Driver App

Empower and manage your delivery drivers

Let your drivers get real-time updates on deliveries, and communicate easily with dispatchers and customers.

With the ufleet driver app we considerably improved our new driver onboarding process.
Mauro Verratti, Delita TradeMauro Verratti, Delita Trade
Driver App: Empower and manage your delivery drivers
ufleet native driver app screenshot showing a list of tasks
Empower your drivers

Everything your drivers need to deliver

All relevant delivery details on the screen of the mobile - delivery sequence, customer address and phone number, payment details and many more. Real-time notifications on route changes.

ufleet driver app screenshot showing the task completion screen
Digital delivery archive

Time and location-stamped proof of delivery

Drivers check-in at each delivery step. They fill-in checklists, take pictures and make notes via the mobile app. The system autologs timestamps and locations for each action.

ufleet driver app screenshot showing the task completion screen
Solve issues in real-time

Act on delivery exceptions as they develop

Use data uploaded from the mobile app to review situations as they emerge. Communicate proactively with customers and team and stay on top of delays and disagreements.

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