Connect the apps and tools you already use

You can easily connect your CRM, ERP, or e-commerce platform. Explore the dev-friendly API for hands-on implementation.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics is so smooth that it feels like a single system.
Dimitar Bartov
Dimitar Bartov
CEO, Synergon
Integrations: Connect the apps and tools you already use
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Turn orders into deliveries

Ready to dispatch immediately after a sale

Delivery details are fed into the system automatically from your ecommerce platform or CRM. Sales orders are converted to tasks with necessary attributes such as address, delivery window, payment type, and other delivery details.

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Complement business processes

Send relevant data to any of your platforms

Use the API to send task sequence in a route, status updates, proofs of delivery or other applicable data. Use them raw, adjusted or as trigger events.

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Import and export anything

Get raw data in CSV, TXT, JSON or XLSX

Use the custom export builder to Import and export any relavant data points. Slice and dice them per your needs or import them into your master system.

Discover more features.

Explore all the features that can help your company optimize routes, decrease delivery costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
Customer Portal
Provide real-time tracking to customers and communicate delivery status updates
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Route Optimization
Optimize routes and achieve a cost-efficient and predictable delivery process
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Control Center
Monitor delivery status in real time and act immediately in case of changes or issues
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Driver App
Empower your drivers to make deliveries faster and easily communicate with customers
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Get insights into your delivery operations and make data-driven decisions about your business
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You too can reduce costs and improve efficiency with Ufleet

Join thousands of businesses that rely on Ufleet to:
  • plan and optimize delivery routes
  • manage and empower drivers
  • enhance customer experience
  • make data-driven business decisions

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