Control Center

Plan and control your deliveries

Set delivery sequences. Track delivery status and customer feedback in real time so you can act accordingly when needed.

Having total operational visibility in one place is a game changer. I cannot imagine going back to the times when everything was running on different systems and spreadsheets!

Angela Romano, Delita TradeAngela Romano, Delita Trade
Control Center: Plan and control
your deliveries
task statuses
Everything in real-time

Flagged and color coded live updates from the field

Provide live data feed to your HQ operations. Give your team with a piece of mind when things go smooth and fair warnings when things go the wrong way.

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Manage exceptions

Real-time flags for deliveries that have gone wrong

Track delays, missed deliveries, or negative customer feedback. Act immediately by re-optimizing, rescheduling, and contacting customers.

ufleet dashboard screenshot and ufleet native app screenshot
Stay in control

Empower your staff with the tools they need

Give your people adequate roles and access so that they can focus on what they do best. Let dispatchers optimize and track, let drivers make seamless deliveries, let call center foresee customer issues.

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Customer Portal
Communicate with your customers
Routing Optimization
Optimize your routes and costs
Driver App
Empower your drivers in the field
Measure and grow your business
Work with your existing tools
You too can reduce costs and improve efficiency with Ufleet
Join thousands of businesses that rely on Ufleet to:
  • plan and optimize delivery routes
  • manage and empower drivers
  • enhance customer experience
  • make data-driven business decisions

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Ufleet is a complete enterprise grade route planning and customer experience management platform for the last mile delivery.


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