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A journey to
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OBI Poland is the first DIY retailer in Europe to launch an enhanced, customer-centric home delivery service, giving its customers a first-class experience.

Engaged customers
Less support calls
Customer rating
OBI Poland's journey to happier customers
“Today customers are not only comparing the experience with our direct competitors - they are comparing it with the best delivery experience ever. Ufleet has given us the technological edge to improve our home delivery offering and stay ahead in this field.”
Tomasz Starczynowski
Tomasz Starczynowski
Sales Director, OBI Board Member

One Ufleet, many benefits.

OBI loves what Ufleet has done for their customers. Since 2020, the OBI team has been employing the Ufleet CX suite to manage, measure and improve their delivery proposition. And there is not a greater proof of a job well done than a happy customer!

Before engaging with Ufleet, OBI store managers, logistic partners, customer support, and management had little insight about customer journey and experience. By adopting Ufleet, they can use powerful features to plan routes, track deliveries in real time, be on time 99%, and experience each individual customer journey through the eyes of the customer.

Customer Portal
Your customers behind
the drivers wheel

screenshot of ufleet customer portal interface
“Extremely convenient status updates. Always on time. I trust OBI and their drivers.”
— Laura Pawłowska, OBI customer

Customers can track deliveries anytime and on any device. No login required. Customers receive updates with orders details, delivery status, driver details & location, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and more. A direct communication with the OBI customer support or driver is just a click away. At the end of the journey the customers provide feedback which is crucial for maintaining the OBI high quality delivery service offering.


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rated the delivery expirence


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5 start rating

Customer Experience Monitor
Understand your customers
through real-time data

OBI team receives real-time alerts on delivery exceptions - delays, damaged goods, wrong addresses, unprofessional driver behavior and more. Unhappy customers or bad rating situations are addressed as they happen thus ensuring customer happiness. Management further improves the experience over the long run by tracking customer engagement, setting the benchmarks, analyzing outliers, and taking corrective measures.

Arkadiusz Sowinski
“Now we know not only when our clients are unhappy, but we know the reason why. It is much easier to handle customer cases when you have the full picture in front of you.”
— Arkadiusz Sowinski, OBI Customer Care Manager.
screenshot of ufleet customer experience monitor interface

React to live events
as they happen

screenshot of ufleet dispatcher interface
Merek Krol
“Thanks to Ufleet, we no longer get questions from customers when our truck will be at the address. The transparent delivery process greatly improves the service quality of our logistics subcontractors.”
— Marek Król, OBI Store Director

With Ufleet, OBI dispatchers do smart route planning and comply with vehicle and driver capacities. They track progress in real-time covering the fleets of dozens of OBI logistical partners. A digital proof of delivery with timestamps, pictures, comments, and customer feedback is applied to each task.

screenshot of ufleet dispatcher interface

More happiness.
More engagement.

Increase in NPS
Less unhappy customers
Less WISMO* calls
Visit the CX portal
Leave feedback
Perfect 5-star rating

A Reliable Partner

Ufleet has been helping multinational brands to provide exceptional delivery experiences to their clients since 2016. As part of the PwC StartUp Collider accelerator, the company established great relations throughout the PwC network. PwC consultants in retail and ecommerce provided invaluable assistance in refining the DIY industry business case and the go-to-market strategy.

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Vision and Execution

Magda Kwoska
“As Innovation Manager at PwC I engage with innovative tech companies daily. Ufleet is that new breed of software entrepreneurs who are redefining the concept of enterprise software. It was a unique experience to see the implementation of such a complex system so fast and without the typical massive upfront sunk costs.”
Magda Kwoska
PwC Innovations Manager
Adam Mroz
“Investing in modern technologies in the area of last mile delivery is a must nowadays. With Ufleet, such an investment was an outright success. It is the perfect example of cooperation between developers, engineers and business practitioners, focused on the customer. I am so proud with the results, which at the end of the day come out as pure customer satisfaction.”
Adam Mroz
OBI Logistics Manager
Atanas Sechkov
“It was a great experience working with OBI Poland on the implementation of Ufleet. I have never seen a company of that size move so quickly. They know their business processes inside out and quickly aligned those to our system. We “clicked” from day one and managed to deliver before the deadline. Love the people and the OBI culture.”
Atanas Sechkov
Founder of Ufleet

About OBI

Since 1970, OBI provides a wide range of tools and solutions to help with creative home improvement projects. The company is a European market leader with 48,000 employees across 10 countries. Its goal is to “enable each and every person to create better homes and gardens and make DIY easier and more fun”.

About Ufleet

Ufleet works with multinational brands to provide exceptional delivery experiences to their clients. It employs a distributed team of experts in retail, logistics, and technology to deploy the Ufleet CX management platform, converting any delivery operation from cost centre into a growth engine. Ufleet is known for its customer centricity, flexibility and agile approach.

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