Best Route4Me Alternatives for Route Optimization [2024]

Compared to Route4Me, Ufleet offers better customer update functionality and more route optimization. It also performs faster and is more reliable.

Angel Nikolov
July 9, 2024
Best Route4Me Alternatives 2024

Some of the best Route4Me alternatives for stellar route optimization in 2024 are Ufleet, Routific, Onfleet, Circuit, and OptimoRoute.

This guide will give you an overview of each solution—including key features, pricing, and free trial information. You'll also discover why they are better than Route4Me in some aspects.

We'll first start with 3 key reasons you might want to consider a Route4Me alternative. If you already know that, you can scroll down to "What are the Best Alternatives to Route4Me?".

Reasons to consider Route4Me alternatives

Route4Me is a route optimization software that's well-fitted for field service, field sales, field marketing, territory management, and every business requiring last-mile optimization.

It serves small and midsized businesses, as well as large enterprises. The software was launched in 2009 and has been available worldwide since then.

While it’s one of the well-known solutions on the market, Route4Me has a few downsides you should consider during the process of choosing route optimization software.

With the information below, we hope we'll help you understand if it's the right choice for your business. Let's look at the top 3 reasons you might want to consider a Route4Me alternative:

Reason #1: Issues with addresses

It seems that Route4Me experiences issues with address and location accuracy. Users share that the app sometimes places a location on the wrong side of the road, or addresses get dropped off.

This is often frustrating and time-consuming for drivers. It might lead to missed time slots or difficulties with delivering packages. It can also create difficulties for dispatchers as they plan the delivery schedules.

It could be an issue with the maps that Route4Me is using, the route optimization algorithm, or the coordinates. Whatever it is, make sure to research it. It might be a bug that's already fixed, but you better discuss it with the Route4Me team before signing up for the software.

Route4Me customer reviews about address accuracy
Excerpts from Route4Me customer reviews on Capterra and SoftwareAdvice

Reason #2: Poor notifications

Notifying your customers about their delivery is one of the key benefits of route optimization software. Route4Me is known for its great live-tracking feature but can do better in terms of customer notifications.

Route4Me customers share it's not uncommon for email and SMS notifications to produce bugs. Both types of notifications don't always display correctly, get delayed, or don't work at all.

These issues can negatively disrupt delivery updates, cause troubles with the delivery, and ultimately affect customer satisfaction.

Route4Me customer reviews about notifications
Excerpts from Route4Me customer reviews on Capterra and SoftwareAdvice

Reason #3: Lagging issues

It seems that Route4Me performs quite slowly and often lags. It could be because the system is using a slower route optimization algorithm or because of some technical performance issues—no one can say for sure.

Customers report it happens especially when trying to manage a large volume of delivery routes. They often need to wait more than expected or refresh to get the desired result.

Such situations can not only eat up the time of dispatchers but can also cause frustration. Refreshing might also lead to losing data which would not be a pleasant experience.

Route4Me customer reviews about platform speed
Excerpts from Route4Me customer reviews on Capterra

What are the Best Alternatives to Route4Me?

  1. Ufleet
  2. Routific
  3. Onfleet
  4. Circuit
  5. OptimoRoute

1.Best alternative to Route4Me: Ufleet

ufleet route optimization platform

Ufleet is an AI-powered route optimization software that helps you plan your delivery routes, reduces costs, and keeps customers notified about their delivery status.

The strength of Ufleet lies in its precise route optimization algorithms, rich customer-facing functionality, and ability to handle large volumes of delivery routes.

Who is Ufleet for? We’ve found Ufleet works best in the following industries:

  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Grocery, food and beverage
  • Big and bulky items such as DIY, furniture, or home appliances
  • Wholesale distribution

To extract maximum value we also suggest operations of at least 5 delivery vehicles and/or 1,500+ deliveries per month. But even if you operate with a smaller delivery volume, you can still benefit from the system. For precise calculation of your ROI with Ufleet, you can check out our calculator.

Key advantage #1: Precise route optimization algorithms

One of the advantages of Ufleet is that it nails route optimization with high precision. It finds the best routes based on various factors (see more below) and uses highly precise maps to determine the exact delivery locations.

The algorithms behind the platform use AI and machine learning and include more parameters than the standard route optimization tools:

  • Delivery location (the exact address or GPS coordinates)
  • Time windows (to hit a certain time slot)
  • Delivery duration (the time it takes to hand the package to the customer)
  • Priority (for time-sensitive deliveries such as perishable goods, or for high-priority customers)
  • Driver skills (helps you plan the workload depending on how much a driver can handle)
  • Vehicle capacity (allows you to optimize the loading process)
  • Vehicle type (gasoline/electric/etc)
  • Driver/customer match (in case you want to build customer relationships)
  • Road constraints (to avoid bridges, one-way streets, etc)
  • Traffic (to avoid congested streets, road accidents, etc)

At Ufleet we also achieve 99% correct address geocoding compared to 80-85% of our peers’ average. This is largely due to our experience in countries with poor quality addresses for which we designed an AI algorithm to compare and combine data from several sources and increase geocoding quality.

Key advantage #2 - Excellent customer updates

ufleet delivery updates to customers

Another big strength of Ufleet is the customer update functionality. The platform provides your customers with precise live tracking without a need to log in or register.

Your customers know the location of their package at any time, who will deliver it, and when. The updates are precisely scheduled to make sure your customers don't miss a delivery.

Also, if a customer wants to call the driver, they can do it with one tap. Respectively, drivers can also easily contact the customer straight from the driver mobile app. This way, they can quickly react in case of missing delivery details, delays, or other circumstances.

In addition, Ufleet allows you to collect customer feedback upon delivery. This helps you understand your customers and allows you to act immediately in case of a negative delivery experience.

Key advantage #3 - High level of flexibility and customization

Almost every business we’ve ever spoken to has a use case that’s somehow unique and needs a custom approach. Not many vendors offer flexibility in terms of functionality but Ufleet does.

We can help you adapt the platform to meet your specific needs with custom features, or tailored setup.

In addition, you can easily connect your CRM, ERP, e-commerce platform, or any other essential to your business tool. A dev-friendly API is also available.

The cherry on top is the personalization and white-labeling of customer communication. Branding your communication allows you to strengthen your brand and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Pricing and free trial

Ufleet's pricing plans include:

  • Free: $0 for companies with up to 200 deliveries a month
  • Pay as You Go: $0.15 / delivery for anyone else
  • Enterprise: Based on the particular needs of the organization.

All features included and we don’t charge additionally for onboarding or support. No hidden costs, no setup fees, no long-term contracts. For us, transparency and straightforward communication are paramount.

A free trial is available for up to 200 delivery tasks. No credit card is required.

How Does Ufleet Compare to Route4Me?

For starters, Ufleet optimizes routes with higher precision and speed. It can handle large volumes of delivery tasks without lagging or taking forever to calculate.

Compared to Route4Me, Ufleet also offers way better customer updates. The customer portal functionality offers more features and doesn't cause delays.

Ufleet also offers more transparent and affordable pricing and doesn’t charge extra for features. Last but not least, Ufleet is free for businesses with up to 200 deliveries a month.

For a more in-depth overview, see the full features comparison between Route4Me and Ufleet.

route4me vs ufleet



Routific is another well-established route optimization solution. Small to medium-sized businesses that make deliveries daily and manage multiple drivers can benefit most. The strengths of Routific lie in its reliability, speed, and user-friendly interface.

Key advantages:

  • Reliability: Users rarely encounter any glitches or downtime and share the platform has consistently performed well. They also say it delivers accurate and logical routes.
  • Speed: Routific processes delivery routes quickly and efficiently. Users rate it as "impressive", "incredibly fast" and "almost instantaneous". Even with a large number of stops, it does the job well.
  • User-friendly UI: Routific's interface is intuitive in all aspects and even people who are not tech-savvy can quickly learn how to use it. Users share that importing addresses and dispatching to drivers is extremely easy.

Pricing and free trial

Routific offers three pricing tiers*:

  • Essential: $39 per vehicle/month (paid annually); 49$per vehicle/month (paid monthly)
  • Professional: $59 per vehicle/month (paid annually); $69 per vehicle/month (paid monthly)
  • Professional+: $78 per vehicle/month (paid annually); $93 per vehicle/month (paid monthly)

You can get a 7-day free trial after filling in a form on their website. No credit card is required.

 *Last update of pricing and trial information: 12 July 2024

How does Routific compare to Route4Me?

Compared to Route4Me, Routific is a significantly more reliable and stable platform. It rarely lags or glitches. It also performs notably faster, even when handling large volumes of delivery routes.

In terms of customer notifications, Routific is doing only slightly better. While notifications are received on time (unlike Route4Me), users complain about the lack of flexibility and customization in customer notifications.

Both vendors charge additionally for features, so it's a good idea to double-check what's included in the price before committing.


onfleet software

Onfleet is one of the leading delivery management solutions on the market. The vendor serves various businesses — from multi-national couriers, retailers, and distributors to on-demand delivery startups.

Its accurate ETA, precise tracking, and feature-rich functionality make Onfleet stand out from competitors.

Key advantages

  • Accurate ETA: Users say the predictive ETA feature ensures deliveries are completed successfully. This is helpful to dispatchers, drivers, and customers.
  • Precise tracking: The real-time tracking helps dispatchers know where the drivers are at any moment. This provides visibility and helps to prevent issues or delays.
  • Huge variety of features: Alongside the basics, the platform also offers search and filter capabilities, POD with photos, signatures, barcodes, and notes, an analytics dashboard, and more.

Pricing and free trial

Onfleet is quite expensive. There are three pricing tiers*:

  • Launch: $550 / month (very limited functionality)
  • Scale: $1,265 / month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

You can get a 14-day trial after filling in a form on their website.

 *Last update of pricing and trial information: 12 July 2024


circuit software

Circuit is a delivery route optimization software designed to help small to mid-sized businesses plan and optimize delivery routes. What's interesting about Circuit is they offer two separate products:

  • for teams of dispatchers and drivers
  • for individual drivers

The strong sides of Circuit are the minimal amount of bugs or downtimes, its flexibility, and frequent releases.

Key advantages:

  • Reliable platform: Circuit rarely has bugs or downtimes, but even if customers encounter issues, the team fixes them quickly and efficiently.
  • Flexibility: On top of the usual platform for larger teams of dispatchers and drivers, Circuit offers a separate app for individual drivers, which is quite convenient.
  • Frequent releases: Circuit is known for releasing new features a lot which helps them improve the platform continuously. They are also responsive for feature requests and customers often see that what they asked for, is implemented.

Pricing and free trial

Circuit offers 3 pricing plans for teams and 1 plan for individual drivers*:

  • Individual drivers: $20/month
  • Starter for teams: starting from $100/month
  • Essentials for teams: starting from $200/month
  • Standard for teams: starting from $250/month
  • Pro for teams: starting from $300/month

The price for teams varies depending on the volume of stops you make per month.

A 7-day free trial is available after filling in the form for teams or by directly downloading the app for individual drivers. No credit card is required.

*Last update of pricing and trial information: 12 July 2024

How does Circuit compare to Route4Me?

Compared to Route4Me, Circuit is more reliable and stable. It has fewer bugs and when issues with the app arise, the support team handles them quickly.

In terms of notifications, both platforms can do better—Route4Me's notifications are often delayed and not working, while Circuit's notifications lack flexibility and customization.

However, Circuit is rated higher for ease of use, customer service, features, and overall value for money.


optimoroute software

OptimoRoute is another great route optimization software. It serves a wide range of industries—from retail and distribution, to waste collection, to HVAC services. Its customers vary from small businesses to enterprises.

The strengths of OptimoRoute lie in its ability to optimize complex routes quickly and efficiently, its decent live tracking, and its ease of use.

Key advantages:

  • Great route optimization: OptimoRoute fairly defends its name—users describe it as fast, efficient and capable of dealing with complex and/or large volumes of delivery tasks.
  • Live tracking: Tracking drivers and sending customers real-time updates about their delivery is rated highly from users. This functionality improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Ease of use: Users rate OptimoRoute as intuitive, and easy to get started with. While there's plenty of documentation, they also mention you need little training to get familiar with the platform.

Pricing and free trial

OptimoRoute offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Lite: $35,10 per driver/month (paid annually); $39 per driver/month (paid monthly)
  • Pro: $44,10 per driver/month (paid annually); $49 per driver/month (paid monthly)
  • Custom pricing

This the vendor that offers the longest free trial of 30-days. You can sign up by filling in the form on their website. No credit card is required.

*Last update of pricing and trial information: 13 July 2024

How does OptimoRoute compare to Route4Me?

Compared to Route4Me, OptimoRoute provides better route optimization. It can handle large amounts of deliver tasks without lagging or taking forever to calculate.

OptimoRoute's tracking updates seems to be working better too, and its pricing is a bit cheaper. The platforms is also rated slightly higher for ease of use, customer service and overall value for money.

So, what's the best route optimization software?

It depends! And I think the right question should be:

What's the best route optimization software for MY business?

It's because which route optimization software is best for you depends on YOUR needs, priorities, growth plans, budget, and many more factors.

Figuring out is not a simple task. To help you further in the process, we created a detailed guide to choosing route optimization software where you'll find additional tips and guidance.

If you've come that far, we really hope you found the information in this blog post useful. Thank you for reading—we appreciate it. If you want to get similar posts in your inbox every now and then, feel free to subscribe below ❤️✉️

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