Best Routific Alternatives in 2024 for Route Optimization

Compared to Routific, Ufleet offers better customer communication functionality, more affordable and transparent pricing, and greater operational control.

Michaela Ivanova
April 23, 2024

Some of the best Routific alternatives for efficient route optimization are Ufleet, Onfleet, Circuit, DispatchTrack, and Tookan.

In this guide, you will find an in-depth comparison between them and learn why they are better than Routific in some aspects.

Reasons to consider Routific alternatives

Routific is a route optimization software that’s best for small and medium-sized businesses that make deliveries, stops, or pickups every day. It’s a good fit for businesses with multiple drivers and routes.

While it’s one of the good solutions on the market, the platform has a few specifics that might make it not the best choice for you. Choosing software can be tricky, but we hope the information below will ease the process.

Here are the top 3 reasons you might want to consider Routific alternatives:

Reason #1: You have to pay extra for key features

When you pay for route optimization software, it’s normal to expect to have essential features included in your plan. Not the case with Routific, though. 

The base price does not include key features such as live tracking, proof of delivery, driver notes, and customer notifications. You have to purchase them as an add-on which increases your costs.

In addition, Routific charges for most of these add-ons per vehicle. For a business with multiple delivery vehicles, this could quickly become expensive.

customer reviews about routific's paid add-ons
Excerpts from Routific customer reviews on Capterra

Reason #2: Customer communication functionality is poor

Seems like Routific didn’t nailed customer communication. The most common complaint is that delivery drivers cannot directly reach out to a customer from the app.

Another pain point is the lack of flexibility and customization in customer notifications. For example, you can choose either an SMS or an email for all your customers. If you want some of them to receive an SMS, and others an email, you cannot do that.

Personalization is also not available. You cannot send different notification messages to different types of customers, nor you can insert names, personal details, etc.

customer reviews about routific's customer notifications
Excerpts from Routific customer reviews on Capterra

Reason #3: Lack of flexibility in route schedules

Sometimes, unexpected changes happen and you need an easy and fast way to adapt your delivery route plans.

With Routific you cannot edit a route after it’s been dispatched to a driver. You cannot add extra stops on the go either. Schedules often need a last-minute change so you’ll face difficulties in such situations. It might also create challenges with calculating pay hours for your drivers.

Another case is if you need to create a custom route for some reason. This is possible within the platform, but Routific customers say it’s difficult and sluggish.

customer reviews about routific's lack of flexibility
Excerpts from Routific customer reviews on Capterra and G2

What are the Best Alternatives to Routific?

  1. Ufleet
  2. Onfleet
  3. Tookan
  4. Circuit
  5. DispatchTrack

1.Best alternative to Routific: Ufleet

ufleet route optimization software

Ufleet helps you plan delivery routes, reduce costs, and provide a stellar delivery experience to your customers. Ultimately, this allows you to achieve efficient operations and win customer loyalty.

The strength of Ufleet lies in its advanced route optimization algorithms, rich customer-facing functionality, and high level of customization and flexibility.

Various types of businesses can benefit from the platform but we’ve found it works best in the following industries:

  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Grocery, food and beverage
  • Big and bulky items such as DIY, furniture, or home appliances
  • Wholesale distribution

To extract maximum value we also suggest operations of at least 5 delivery vehicles and/or 1,500+ deliveries per month. For precise calculation of your ROI, you can also use the Ufleet cost calculator

Key advantage #1: Advanced route optimization algorithms

Finding the best routes is not an easy task. The reason is that “best” in terms of routes depends on many factors. One of the advantages of Ufleet is that it nails this process with high precision.

The algorithms behind the platform use AI and machine learning and include more parameters than the standard route optimization tools. Alongside the common factors like location, time window, and traffic, Ufleet also takes into account:

  • Duration: This is the time it takes a delivery driver to hand the package to the customer.
  • Priority: Useful for time-sensitive deliveries such as perishable goods, or for high-priority customers.
  • Driver skills: Helps you plan the workload for each of your drivers.
  • Vehicle capacity: Allows you to optimize the loading process and avoid overloading.
  • Vehicle type: For example, electric vehicles have range constraints, and this parameter allows you to plan this.
  • Driver/customer match: In case you want to build personal relationships with your customers.
  • Road constraints: Useful for avoiding specific types of roads, bridges, traffic conditions, one-way streets, etc.

Key advantage #2 - Rich customer communication functionality

delivery live tracking feature

Communication with your customers during the delivery process is key to your business success and Ufleet has the right tools to support this.

The platform provides your customers with precise live tracking without a need to login or register. They know the location of their package at any time, who will deliver it, and when. Also, they can call the driver with one tap.

In addition, Ufleet allows you to collect customer feedback upon delivery. This helps you validate what you’re doing well and what needs improvement. Also, you can act immediately in case of a negative delivery experience which will help to prevent frustration from escalating.

Drivers can also easily contact the customer straight from the app. This way, they can quickly react in case of wrong delivery details, delays, or other circumstances.

Key advantage #3 - High level of flexibility and customization

Almost every business we’ve ever spoken to has a use case that’s somehow unique and needs a custom approach. Not many vendors offer flexibility in terms of functionality but Ufleet does.

We can help you adapt the platform to meet your specific needs with custom features, or tailored setup.

In addition, you can easily connect your CRM, ERP, e-commerce platform, or any other essential to your business tool. A dev-friendly API is also available.

The cherry on top is the personalization and white-labeling of customer communication. Branding your communication allows you to strengthen your brand and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Pricing and free trial

Ufleet offers three pricing tiers:

  • Free plan: Includes up to 200 tasks / month.
  • Pay as You Go: After exceeding the free limit, you pay $0.15 / delivery.
  • Enterprise: Based on the particular needs of the organization.

All features included and we don’t charge additionally for onboarding or support. No hidden costs, no setup fees, no long-term contracts. For us, transparency and straightforward communication are paramount.

How Does Ufleet Compare to Routific?

For starters, Ufleet offers better customer communication functionality. It includes:

  • Live tracking
  • Customer notifications
  • Personalized messages
  • Easy communication between drivers and customers
  • Collecting customer feedback

Compared to Routific, Ufleet also offers more transparent and affordable pricing and doesn’t charge additionally for core features such as live tracking and customer notifications.

Last but not least, Ufleet allows you to make last-minute changes to your delivery schedules. You can add, edit, or cancel deliveries, update priorities, change delivery sequence, and more. Ultimately, this provides you with greater control over your delivery process.

For more in-depth overview, see the full features comparison between Routific and Ufleet.


onfleet last mile software

Onfleet is one of the leading delivery management solutions on the market. The vendor serves various businesses — from multi-national couriers, retailers, and distributors to on-demand delivery startups.

What makes Onfleet stand out from competitors are its user-friendly interface, feature-rich functionality, and helpful and responsive customer support team. 

Key advantages

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface: Easy onboarding and quick adoption. Intuitive for dispatchers, drivers, and customers. Users describe the UI of the software as elegant, world-class, and easy.
  • Huge variety of features: Alongside the basics, the platform also offers good customer communication functionality, search and filter capabilities, POD with photos, signatures, barcodes and notes, analytics dashboard, and more.
  • Responsive and helpful Support: Most customers rate Customer service teams as effective, quick and kind. In addition, the vendor has a pretty good database with support and technical documentation.

Pricing and free trial

Onfleet is quite expensive. There are three pricing tiers*:

  • Launch: $550 / month (very limited functionality)
  • Scale: $1,265 / month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

You can get a 14-day trial after filling in a form on their website.

 *Last update of pricing and trial information: 25 Apr 2024

How does Onfleet compare to Routific?

Compared to Routific, Onfleet has richer functionality, especially regarding customer-facing features. The app allows easy communication between drivers, customers, and dispatchers which Routific doesn’t. There’s also a customer feedback collection form and better tracking.

In terms of Customer Support, both vendors are doing great. They seem responsive, helpful, and efficient and customers rate them highly.

Onfleet charges extra for core features such as live tracking just as Routific, but Onfleet is way more expensive. Ultimately, Onfleet seems better for mid to large-scale organizations that need richer functionality and can afford the price.


Tookan claims to increase your profits and reduce delays by monitoring your fleet with fleet management and a tracking system. The vendor positions itself as a good fit for enterprise businesses that provide on-demand delivery.

Providing a rich variety of integrations to e-commerce platforms and its on-demand delivery functionality is what makes Tookan stand out.

Key advantages

  • Rich variety of integrations: Tookan offers 50+ native integrations for e-commerce/ POS, payments, invoicing, CRM, packaging and shipping and more. Additionally, users rate highly the API and provided documentation.
  • On-demand deliveries: Tookan is one of the few delivery management vendors that can meet the needs of taxi services, pharmacies, on-demand food delivery, etc.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform is intuitive and well designed. It's quick to setup and easy to use by drivers, dispatchers, and back office staff.

Pricing and free trial

Tookan currently offers five pricing tiers*:

  • Early Stage: $49 / month (limited functionality)
  • Startup: $129 / month (limited functionality)
  • Growth: $299 / month
  • Standard: $599 / month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Keep in mind though that plenty of the essential features are not included (not even route optimization — how is that even possible?!) and you need to pay extra to use them.

All plans include a 14-day free trial.

 *Last update of pricing and trial information: 25 Apr 2024

How does Tookan compare to Routific?

Compared to Routific, Tookan is the better option for on-demand deliveries. It might also be a better fit for smaller businesses with basic delivery management needs.

Another advantage of Tookan compared to Routific its richer communication functionality of the mobile app. There's in-app driver chat and direct communication between drivers and customers.

The other best alternatives to Routific

Wonder how Circuit, and DispatchTrack compare to Routific?

Stay tuned – an update is coming in the following days.

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