Best Tookan Alternatives for Last Mile Delivery [2024]

Compared to Tookan, Ufleet offers better flexibility and richer functionality. The other alternatives include Routific, Onfleet and Circuit.

Michaela Ivanova
April 29, 2024
best tookan alternatives

Some of the best Tookan alternatives for efficient last mile delivery management are Ufleet, Routific, Onfleet, Circuit, and DispatchTrack.

In this guide, you will find a detailed comparison between them. You'll also discover why they are better than Tookan in some aspects.

Reasons to consider Tookan alternatives

Tookan is a last mile delivery management software developed by Jungleworks. The vendor positions the product as a good fit for enterprise businesses that provide on-demand delivery. It claims to increase your profits and reduce delays by monitoring your fleet with fleet management and a tracking system.

While it’s one of the well-known solutions on the market, Tookan has a few downsides you should definitely consider in your software search. With the information below, we hope we'll help you decide if it's the right choice for your business.

Here are the top 3 reasons you might want to consider Tookan alternatives:

Reason #1: Poor customer service

A last mile solution is not only a piece of software. Being supported should also be part of the deal. Unfortunately, Tookan fails to meet this criterion.

Tookan's customer service is known for being slow and sometimes even not responding at all. Slow responding ranges from 3-5 days to a couple of weeks for simple requests.

Customers complain they receive generic answers that are often not helpful. It feels like no one really cares about their needs.

Is it because of poor management or being understaffed? No one can say for sure, but that's a huge warning sign.

Customer reviews about Tookan's poor customer service
Excerpts from Tookan reviews on Capterra and G2

Reason #2: Violations of contracts and agreements

It's unbelievable how many customers complain about Tookan by Jungleworks violating agreements of any kind — from not delivering what they promised, to charging for services they never provided, to breach of contract cases.

Some people even mention escalating to custody trials. While what really happened in such undesired situations can be distorted and subject to personal interpretation, having many people complain about similar issues is surely a warning sign.

An extra note here – it's not only Tookan that gets bad reviews. The same happens with the other products of Jungleworks such as Yelo, Hippo, and Panther. That's either a very dark PR, or they're really failing at doing business.

Customer reviews about Tookan's violation of agreements
Excerpts from Tookan reviews on Capterra and G2

Reason #3: Lack of functional flexibility

While customers say the software is good, they wish it provided more flexibility.

One area where Tookan can do better is the dashboards and analytics module. It does provide plenty of useful data. However, businesses need to be able to customize these insights according to their needs.

Another aspect of the product that needs more flexibility is the map Tookan uses in the mobile app. Users say that it doesn't provide many of their customer locations, especially in the US. Most of them wish the app could use or connect to Google Maps instead.

Customer reviews about Tookan's lack of flexibility
Excerpts from Tookan reviews on Capterra and G2

What are the best alternatives to Tookan?

  1. Ufleet
  2. Bringg
  3. Routific
  4. Onfleet
  5. Circuit

1.#1 alternative to Tookan: Ufleet

ufleet route optimization software

Ufleet is an AI-powered last mile delivery solution that optimizes your delivery routes, reduces costs, and keeps customers notified about their delivery status. With Ufleet, you can achieve efficient operations, provide a stellar delivery experience, and win customer loyalty.

The strength of Ufleet lies in its advanced route optimization algorithms, high level of customization and flexibility, and rich customer-facing functionality.

Who is Ufleet for? We’ve found it works best in the following industries:

  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Grocery, food and beverage
  • Big and bulky items such as DIY, furniture, or home appliances
  • Wholesale distribution

To extract maximum value we also suggest operations of at least 5 delivery vehicles and/or 1,500+ deliveries per month. For precise calculation of your ROI with Ufleet, you can check out our cost calculator

Key advantage #1: Better optimization algorithms

Route optimization lies in finding the best route according to several parameters. While most solutions on the market use only basic parameters such as location, time window, and traffic, Ufleet doesn't stop here.

The platform also takes into account duration, priority, driver skills, vehicle capacity, driver-to-customer match, and road constraints.

This allows you to have greater control on your deliveries and optimize with higher precision.

Key advantage #2 - High level of flexibility and customization

Ufleet can adapt to meet your specific needs with custom functionality or tailored setup. Most features can be tweaked and customized per request.

In addition, you can connect the systems you already use. This includes your CRM, ERP, e-commerce platform, or any other business-critical tool. A dev-friendly API is also available.

The cherry on top is the personalization and white labeling of customer notifications and feedback forms. White-labeling your communication allows you to strengthen your brand and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Key advantage #3 - Customer communication features

delivery live tracking feature

Communication with your customers during the delivery process is key to your business success and Ufleet has the right tools to support this.

The platform provides your customers with precise live tracking without a need to log in or register. They know the location of their package at any time, who will deliver it, and when. Also, they can call the driver with one tap.

In addition, Ufleet allows you to collect customer feedback upon delivery. This helps you validate what you’re doing well and what needs improvement. Also, you can act immediately in case of a negative delivery experience which will help to prevent frustration from escalating.

Drivers can also easily contact the customer straight from the app. This way, they can quickly react in case of wrong delivery details, delays, or other circumstances.

Pricing and free trial

Ufleet offers three pricing tiers:

  • Free plan: Includes up to 200 tasks / month.
  • Pay as You Go: After exceeding the free limit, you pay $0.15 / delivery.
  • Enterprise: Based on the particular needs of the organization.

All features included and we don’t charge additionally for onboarding or support. No hidden costs, no setup fees, no long-term contracts. For us, transparency and straightforward communication are paramount.

How Does Ufleet Compare to Tookan?

For starters, Ufleet offers better flexibility. This applies to all modules of the product – route optimization, customer notifications, dashboard and analytics, driver app, and integrations.

Ufleet also offers richer functionality including Auto Dispatch, Dynamic Route Updates, Data Export, and more. For a more in-depth overview, see the full features comparison between Tookan and Ufleet.

Ufleet also provides better onboarding and customer service experience. Response times are shorter and the efficiency in solving problems is better.

Last but not least, Ufleet offers more transparent and affordable pricing and doesn’t charge additionally for features.

tookan vs ufleet features


bringg last mile delivery solution

Bringg is one of the leading solutions for last mile delivery. It helps businesses reduce costs, simplify operations, and drive brand loyalty.

The vendor serves a wide range of industries including retail, restaurants, grocery stores, home appliances, and on-demand delivery. It's a great fit for large enterprises but smaller businesses can benefit from it too.

Key advantages

  • Can support large-scale operations: The system can solve complex logistics problems and manage large volumes of deliveries. Unlike many other vendors, Bringg allows you to manage both outsourced and in-house deliveries.
  • Creating shipping labels is a piece of cake: Bringg offers seamless integration with carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. This allows you to create labels without manually entering customer information as the CRM sends it automatically to the carrier.
  • Adaptable and customizable software: The functionality of the platform offers great flexibility and tons of integrations.

Pricing and free trial

Bringg doesn't provide any public information about pricing. With enterprise being their main target, this is quite expected.

Free trial is not available.

How does Bringg compare to Tookan?

Compared to Tookan, Bringg offers a way more developed last mile delivery solution. It has greater flexibility, more features, and an extensive amount of integrations.

Besides the technological advantage, Bringg also shows good signs of management within the organization, significantly better customer service, and higher level of professionalism.

Unlike Tookan, it can efficiently support large-scale organizations with complex delivery operations.


onfleet last mile software

Onfleet is one of the well-known last mile software solutions. A variety of businesses rely on it to manage their delivery operations — from multi-national couriers, retailers, and distributors to on-demand delivery startups.

The strength of Onfleet lies in its user-friendly interface, feature-rich functionality, and helpful and responsive customer support team. 

Key advantages

  • Easy to use: The platform's interface is super intuitive and user-friendly. It's quick to implement and adopt. Users describe the UI of the software as elegant, world-class, and easy.
  • Full of features: Alongside the basics, the platform also offers good customer communication functionality, search and filter capabilities, POD with photos, signatures, barcodes and notes, analytics dashboard, and more.
  • Great customer service: Users are extremely happy with the support Onfleet provides. They rate customer service reps as helpful and kind. In addition, the vendor offers plenty of support and technical documentation.

Pricing and free trial

Onfleet offers three pricing tiers*:

  • Launch: $550 / month (very limited functionality)
  • Scale: $1,265 / month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

You can get a 14-day trial after filling in a form on their website.

 *Last update of pricing and trial information: 25 Apr 2024

How does Onfleet compare to Tookan?

Compared to Tookan, Onfleet has better customer service, more advanced route optimization capabilities, and more flexibility. Onfleet also has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

While Tookan's base price is cheaper, both vendors charge extra for features and add-ons so it's difficult to say which one is more affordable. What's clear though, is that Onfleet is the better option for larger businesses with more complex delivery operations.

The other best alternatives to Tookan

Wonder how Routific, Onfleet, Circuit, and DispatchTrack compare to Tookan?

Stay tuned – an update is coming in the following days.

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